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Gift of TIME, CLARITY, LEGACY for the living.... the Family Love Letter offers all of them. However clearly your Love Letter is written, there are supporting documents, key receipts, deeds, business agreements, wills, significant photographs, key computer discs, powers of attorney, military papers and so much more. To assure the full, positive impact of the work you have done to create your Family Love Letter, we have designed the “RED BOX.”

The “RED BOX” serves as a central, easy to store location, not only for your Family Love Letter, itself, but for all the supporting source information. The “Red Box,” includes a complimentary copy of the Family Love Letter Booklet, along with 8 file folders, 5 of which match the five sections of the Family Love Letter, and 3 left blank for your specific titling.

Your “RED BOX” will organize all the specifics you addressed in your Love Letter to your loved-ones. Complete the work you have done by assuring everything of importance is in one place - your Red Box.