Family Heirloom Bear

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"My mother had Parkinson’s disease so she came to live with me and my daughter Lindsay for four wonderful years. Lindsay was just starting high school but was a tremendous help since my mother required 24-hour care. My oldest daughter, Stephanie, cared for mom while I worked. Both girls became extremely close to her. When mom passed away in December 2006, it was really hard on all of us. My mother was a very special lady and loved by everyone.

During those four years, I didn’t sleep through the night because my mom would need my help. After she passed, I still couldn’t sleep well. I guess because I was used to waking up and checking on my mom or helping her. When I saw the article about the Family Heirloom Bears, I ordered one for each of my kids, my granddaughter and myself. I gave my "grandma bears" to them for Christmas 2007. They insist it was the best Christmas gift they have ever received.

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After about 10 days of having my bear, I was really missing my mom and decided to sleep with the bear. I was shocked when I woke up in the morning and realized that I had slept ALL night long. Now I sleep with my mom bear every night -- just like I had slept with my mom during those four years.

We take the bears everywhere with us, and we’ve shared our story with all of our friends. My Family Heirloom Bear has brought so much comfort to me. I wish I could fully put into words the way the bears have helped us all."